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Biden entering race?

This article starts out with the main news which is that Joe Biden would be ahead of the other democratic hopefuls if he did decide to run for president. This was the main news of the story and is giving the readers of MSNBC new information.

The article continues to talk about the current standings of the Democrats as well as the current polls for the Republicans as well. This was good backgrounding, especially if a reader was unaware of the current polls.

Although this articles are based off of polls I always tend to question the legitimacy of the polls. Polls can be asked in different ways to attempt to generate certain answers. For instance, if Hilary Clinton was making a poll about woman’s rights, a question can be asked in a certain way to be biased against another candidate.

Politics are always an interesting thing in the media because facts can be twisted, and although the polls count as evidence, this evidence can also be biased.


The way natural disaster hit us is so intriguing to me

Hearing of them you want to prepare and luckily you have time It can come fast like hurricane

Everyone thinks they are prepared for the storm ahead

And all households are prepared with extra flashlights and batteries

No one will be prepared for what is to come

Glorious clouds surround us

Entering our world are the lights of God

Life all around you being destructed

Of course you thought you were prepared for it

Fear sets in over us as we hear the howling wind

Deep in the darkness we cannot yet see the storm ending

Everyone is shocked but

After the winds die and we can see

The loss yet

Hearing the waves settle once again, we move on