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Gun laws: does America need stricter rules?

October 6, 2015

After the recent tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, the question has again been asked: are more restrictive gun laws necessary? Many may argue that guns should be banned all together, but those conservatives argue that is against the basic right of Americans.

After reading this article, whether conservative or liberal, you are able to see the facts. This article uses data from the United Nations office of Drug and Crime. These graphs show that America leads most nations in homicides caused by firearms as well as the number of guns per capita in the United States.

The lead of this story is a little different than a typical hard news article, although it does draw the reader in to want to read more. The lead is a statistic of the guns per capita in the surrounding area of where the Umpqua shooting took place. I thought this was interesting because it was relevant to what the story was going to say, but also was in a way bias.

In a story that would not be considered bias, the writer would usually start with a lead that did mention the high rate of America’s firearms and still got to the point of the article, but wouldn’t put in a statistic like the one used.

This article consists mostly of graphs which is also unusual, but effective and gets the point across.

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