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Obama’s ironic Comparison

This Thanksgiving President Obama made a speech and in it encouraged the people to welcome the Syrian refugees. In the article written by the hill they have a quote from Obama that says:

“Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims – men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer, better future for themselves and their families,” Obama said in his weekly address Thursday. “What makes America America is that we offer that chance.”

The article proceeded to include quotes from people across the nation who are willing to welcome refugees into their homes.

The article shows a supportive stance with Obama and the Syrian refugees. When I read the article I started to laugh because we forget that the Pilgrims actually cam over on the Mayflower and proceeded to kill the Native Americans. Not saying that the Syrians refugees would do the same, but it would be interesting to read about conservatives reaction to Obama’s statement.


France bombs ISIS

In this article it talks about France’s major bombardment of Raqqa, the place in Syria which is believed to be occupied by ISIS. The article explains the exact places the bombs hit which included a training facility and recruitment center. Although ISIS says there were no casualties from this air strike it has not yet been confirmed.
This article was written in an interesting type of inverted pyramid, as the article went on it was formatted to ask certain questions. Then in each paragraph the writer answered these questions.
These air strikes are symbolic according to military analysts interviewed for this article. France is basically putting their foot down and saying that even though these terrible acts of terrorism have been committed, the French people want to fight back and try to weaken ISIS.

For once congress can agree on something…

After the recent bombing of a Russian airplane that killed everyone on board, American leaders have been discussing whether or not Obama has been doing enough to get rid of ISIS in the middle east, especially Syria.
This article from Fox News discusses the mutual agreement that many democrats and republicans have made on Obamas handle on the crisis in the middle east. The quote include quotes from both Democratic and Republican leaders stating their opinions.
Russia has been involved in the attempt to destroy ISIS in Syria, by making their military presence clear with soldiers in Syria. The United States is criticizing Obama and many leaders now believe that although we have been using drones to bomb, there should be a greater military presence.
Fighting ISIS is inevitable in many people’s opinion so Obama might as well step up now, before ISIS grows.

“It’s always an adventure.”

Hillary Clinton was giving a speech at a historically black university when just a few minutes into her speech she was interrupted by protestors. In the article it explains that Hillary addressed the protestors and explained to the crowd that she will be speaking on these issues. Apparently this wasn’t good enough for the protestors and continued shouting for about 30 minutes of Clinton’s speech.
The article is written in the inverted pyramid format. It included quotes from both Clinton and the representatives from the group responsible for the protests.
“It’s always an adventure,” Clinton said after her speech was over.

Conflicted politics

This interview with famous hip-hop star, Malik Yusef and he discusses his views on the Republican party. Yusef says he is a Republican and voted for republicans the past two elections. However he discusses a few things he disagrees with in the party. In his interview he explained that he thinks that the Black lives matter movement is extremely important as well as keeping the environment healthy.

I thought this was an interesting article because there are many that don’t agree with the social aspects of the republican party, but agree with other important aspects that the party promotes.

Is leaving the troops in Afghanistan the best option for Obama?

With the recent bombing of the Doctors with borders hospital in Afghanistan, Obama has been put under pressure to remove troops in Afghanistan like he originally promised in 2009. This article is one of the few political articles I have read that is not biased towards one side or the other (Right versus left wings). The article has quotes from people saying that the communication from the Afghan intelligence is unreliable and leads to tragedies such as the bombing of the Doctors without Borders. On the other hand, it has quotes that support keeping the troops in Afghanistan. Obama will most likely keep troops in Afghanistan which with he recent situation in Kunduz with the Taliban taking over, is probably the right decision. Although Obama will receive criticism, the troops in Afghanistan has become lesser.

Gun laws: does America need stricter rules?

After the recent tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, the question has again been asked: are more restrictive gun laws necessary? Many may argue that guns should be banned all together, but those conservatives argue that is against the basic right of Americans.

After reading this article, whether conservative or liberal, you are able to see the facts. This article uses data from the United Nations office of Drug and Crime. These graphs show that America leads most nations in homicides caused by firearms as well as the number of guns per capita in the United States.

The lead of this story is a little different than a typical hard news article, although it does draw the reader in to want to read more. The lead is a statistic of the guns per capita in the surrounding area of where the Umpqua shooting took place. I thought this was interesting because it was relevant to what the story was going to say, but also was in a way bias.

In a story that would not be considered bias, the writer would usually start with a lead that did mention the high rate of America’s firearms and still got to the point of the article, but wouldn’t put in a statistic like the one used.

This article consists mostly of graphs which is also unusual, but effective and gets the point across.